TODAY IS THE VINTAGE AGE: a reflective era so passionately cherished, it exists only because of everyone and everything that has come before it …

Inspired by the gossipy tabloids of the 1950s, Vintage Confidential: Retro Rattled, Tales Tattled— Confessions of the World’s Third Oldest Profession blows the lid off more than just your grandmother’s favorite cookie jar.

Weaving memoir, personal essays, astounding true stories, and a smattering of truth-inspired fiction, nothing is “confidential” or off the table—it’s all here in this sexy, sardonic, sometimes shocking vintage- themed collection of riveting tales told in technicolor prose.

In this kingdom of kitsch, the myth of retro-obsessed America is split into a thousand cultural moments of pithy yet poignant discoveries . . . from estate sale indiscretions, monkey obsessions, cupcake confessions, octogenarian miscalculations, presidential interventions, and celebrities unshelled (Mr. Peanut, we must confess!) to terrifically fun funerals, prurient podcasts, power hoarders, and resale schnorrers gone amuck.

It’s Vintage People, Places, and Things . . . Legends appear, such as Andy Warhol, Paul America, Phyllis Diller, poet Gwendolyn Brooks, milliner Raymond Hudd, drag icon Julian Eltinge, and can’t-be-named- others . . . Vintage Places That Never Were, such as the Titanic Hotel, the Chicago Spire, and Pee-wee Land . . . and Vintage Objects Lost . . . In Space or simply misplaced in our collective closets of collecting “all this stuff.”

On the heels of his highly praised debut memoir Selling Dead People’s Things, Duane Scott Cerny once again gives the reader the vintage business . . . literally. Monstrously mischievous, Vintage Confidential invites you to look, laugh, and perhaps even lust after what’s left of the retro world: the great vintage sale of the twenty-first century.

This is yesterday’s future . . . today!